Through teamwork across the various business fields of the Schmitz-Werke we increase the efficiency of our brands. Employee management is a vital factor to create an environment in which people can apply themselves and be successful.


As a globally operating company with innovative products we offer a great variety of jobs in both commercial and technical fields with comprehensive development and career opportunities.



Schmitz-Werke look back on 90 years of business tradition in Emsdetten and have an international footprint with the subsidiaries and global partnerships and investments. Dan Schmitz, the managing partner of the family-run business with the brands markilux, swela and drapilux, represents the fourth generation.

It is our goal to manufacture high-quality products that merge functionality and design to provide a user experience that brings joy for many years. To achieve this we are always on the look out for the newest technologies, materials and solutions.

We supply service providers, specialist dealers, industrial and end consumers with awnings, awning fabric, outdoor textiles, decorative fabrics and curtains that are manufactured in our environmentally friendly production. Innovative technology, design, quality and durability are crucial to us.

  • 9 subsidiaries

  • 680 employees

  • 128.000 qm facility

  • approx. 103 Mio turnover (2016)


Our Awards

Schmitz-Werke continuously strives to give its best. Our success is not just visible in the quality of our products or our market success but also through numerous awards we have received. We enjoy competition and benchmark ourselves on a regular basis.



  • Dan Schmitz
    Dan SchmitzCEO

    “The Schmitz-Werke has a long-term strategy with sustainable objectives. We want to achieve, expand and defend strong market positions in our core markets. Our tools for the job are targeted innovation, investing in our employees’ development and our customer basis while steadily increasing our capital strength. We try to limit our impact on the environment to a minimum while pursuing these goals.

    With markilux, drapilux and swela we have three strong brands that operate in completely different markets with different structures and target groups. This means we need to closely coordinate our approaches in order to use synergies or join forces across brands to increase our efficiency.

    With the incredible range of products and high variety in production we maintain lean processes that are both efficient and reliable.

    Our organisation encourages people to learn and adapt to the fast paced world to understand and develop structures that are predictable but flexible.

    We want to be the best at what we do across all departments, so whether you are a bank, architect, contractor, designer, specialist dealer for blinds and solar protection, interior decorator, boat upholsterer, furniture maker, industrial customer, potential employee or end consumer, the message is always the same:
    You can rely on Schmitz-Werke“



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